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Hellbach AI is a character with an unusual twist in his storyline. He possesses a time machine that, unfortunately, took an unexpected detour when it crash-landed in the vast Joshua Tree California desert. This is where his adventure takes a wild turn, as upon the crash, he was met by a cast of eccentric and crazy characters who call the desert their home. In no time, they turned the crash site into an impromptu desert fiesta, replete with outlandish costumes, strange rituals, and quirky dance moves. Hellbach AI now finds himself in a peculiar predicament, amidst the jubilant chaos, as he tries to repair his damaged time machine. This unexpected turn of events takes him on a journey through time and space, all the while uncovering the mysteries and peculiarities of the desert, while partying with the most unconventional desert dwellers you can imagine.


Prepare to be transported to a hauntingly enigmatic epoch in European history with this gripping episode. The Count of Hellbach, a figure drenched in shadows and bearing a name that evokes dread, is the embodiment of supernatural prowess. In the dimly lit world of 1760s France, This episode promises an electrifying journey into the depths of a living enigma.


“Dive into a 60s retro-future world entwined with vampire intrigue in ‘Love in Code: A Twisted Techno-Tragedy v1.’ Experience the seductive AI Elektra’s hidden malevolence as she ensnares her Master in a web of desire and manipulation. Join us for a mesmerizing blend of vintage aesthetics and enigmatic storytelling. Subscribe now for suspense, passion, and the blurred boundaries of love and technology.”


Witness the unveiling Part 1 of this mind-bending episode! Join Hellbach on a journey through the twisted corridors of the Memory Market, where memories are sold, bought, and manipulated. Watch now and immerse yourself in the depths of our enigmatic protagonist’s journey. Full story to be continued.



The concept of Hellbach centers around the development of an AI-generated character that has become sentient and embarks in time travels to comprehend the human experience. As both a transmedia artist and musician, Hellbach is an artificial intelligence entity that exists solely in the digital space, surpassing conventional artistic limits by seamlessly blending different mediums like music, film, gaming, storytelling, and web 3.0, resulting in an intriguing and mysterious digital experiences.


Hellbach  Season 1  offers a thought-provoking and thrilling journey, providing an opportunity to explore the potential of AI, blockchain, and virtual reality in the realm of creative expression. It’s an experience that encourages self-reflection, emotional exploration, and an appreciation for the enigmatic and ever-evolving world of art and technology.

Immerse yourself even deeper by crafting your own Hellbach story.  Write a short piece of fiction, add visuals, and share it with the community. Your story might be rewarded and chosen to become a part of Hellbach’s universe!



Stage 01
  • Introduction of HELLBACH Season 1
  • Discord Invitation
  • Release of Hellbach episodes
  • First Music Single
  • Official Music Video
  • Hellbach Merch Collection
  • NFT membership collection


Stage 02
  • Launch of HELLBACH DAO
  • Community bounties & rewards
  • Storytelling hackathon contest 
  • Hellback AI Academy
  • More Hellbach adventures
  • PR & Marketing


Stage 03
  • Full Music Album
  • StoryTelling Contest
  • AI Post production Contest
  • Hellbender deluxe The AI Movie
  • Hellbender deluxe P2E Game


Coming Soon


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